2019-2020 College Catalog

Sales Professional- TCC

Program Description

The Sales Professional Certificate of Credit program provides students with the skills needed to obtain an entry level position as a sales representative and/or sales manager. Students will learn selling strategies and techniques as well as sales management and leadership skills.

Job/Career Description

Sales representatives are an important part of manufacturers' and wholesalers' success. Regardless of the type of products they sell, sales representatives' primary duties are to make customers interested in their merchandise and to arrange the sale of that merchandise. The process of promoting and selling a product can be extensive, at times taking up to several months. Whether in person or over the phone, sales representatives describe their products, conduct demonstrations, explain the benefits that their products convey, and answer any questions that their customers may have.

Admissions Requirements

Must be 16 years of age
Completion of high school diploma or GED and submission of official transcript required to apply
Achievement of minimum program admission scores in Reading, English, and Math
Transfer of previous post-secondary credits will be determined by the Office of Enrollment Services

Student Performance/Graduation Requirements

Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and complete all required courses to graduate.


Program Outcomes

1. Student will be able to identify useful supervision techniques.
2. Student will be able to create contracts and other business obligations in the legal environment.
3. Student will be able to develop sales strategies and techniques in the sales process.
4. Student will be able to identify fundamental principles and practices associated with advertising.


MKTG 1160Professional Selling


MKTG 2070Buying and Merchandising


MGMT 1100Principles of Management


MKTG 1100Principles of Marketing


Select one of the following courses

MKTG 1130Business Regs and Compliance



ACCT 2140Legal Environment of Business



PARA 1150Contracts, Commerical Law and Business Organization


Total Credit Hours:15
Program Length= 2 semesters
Total Credit Hours= 15
Program Cost= $3184