2020-2021 College Catalog

Culinary Arts Diploma

Culinary Arts Diploma (Major Code: CA44)

Program Description

The Culinary Arts Diploma program is a sequence of courses that prepares students for the culinary profession. Learning opportunities develop academic, occupational, and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes a combination of culinary theory, safety and sanitation, nutrition, and practical applications necessary for successful employment. Program graduates receive a Culinary Arts Diploma. Graduates who are current practitioners will benefit through enhancement of career potential. Entry-level persons will be prepared to pursue diverse opportunities in the culinary field as cooks, bakers, or caterers/culinary managers.

Atlanta Technical College offers an award winning Culinary Arts diploma program that prepares aspiring chefs and food service professionals for the culinary profession. Why not study in a city with a reputation of impeccable southern charm, fine dining and world-class sophistication? The Culinary Arts program emphasizes a combination of culinary theory and practical application necessary for successful employment. Atlanta is home to the world's busiest airport and provides a rich and eclectic blend of foodservice/hospitality businesses in which to pursue a vibrant career. Gain hands on experience while studying in Atlanta, a city that has hosted over 45 million tourists annually, has been named by the New York Times as one of the top "52 Places to Go in 2014." Atlanta Technical College also offers opportunities to train or upgrade present knowledge or skills. Students will be prepared to pursue diverse opportunities in the culinary field as cooks, bakers, or caterers or food-service managers both here or around the world. The Culinary Arts program of Atlanta Technical College is an American Culinary Federation (ACF) accredited program.

Career Information


Chefs and Head Cooks

Career Projections

The number of jobs in this field is expected to increase by 18% nationally and 18% in the State of Georgia over the next several years. Estimated salaries in this field start at $35,000 a year.
Labor market data was compiled using Economic Modeling Specialists, international and is updated annually.

Career Coach

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Admission Requirements

General College Admissions Requirements

Blood and Airborne Pathogens

Students enrolled in Category I and II programs at Atlanta Technical College will be performing tasks in which there is a normal occurrence for exposure to blood, other potentially infectious body materials, and airborne pathogens.

These tasks will be performed in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical activities for each occupational training program/course. Students will be required to present documentation of Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis immunizations as a result of potential occupational exposure. Students should contact their program directors for more information. Policies and procedures regarding blood and airborne pathogens may be reviewed at https://tcsg.edu/tcsgpolicy/tcsg_policy_manual.pdf.

Program Contact Information

Tamoura Jones

Program Director: Culinary Arts

Academic Building C1103A (Kitchen)




Tieaka Blocker

Instructor: Culinary Arts

Academic Building C110F




Bridget Yallery

Instructor: Culinary Arts

Academic Building C1110E



Program Length and Cost

Minimum Program Length in Semester Terms: 4 Terms

Credit Hours: 58

Estimated Program Cost: $8,510

Additional Cost: Professional Chef Uniforms and Professional Knife Kit: $1,000

Course Outline


General Education Courses (8 Credits)

ENGL 1010Fundamentals of English I


EMPL 1000Interpersonal Relat & Prof Dev


MATH 1012Foundations of Mathematics


Occupational Courses (50 Credits)

FYES 1001First Year Experience Seminar


COMP 1000Intro to Computers


CUUL 1000Fundamentals of Culinary Arts


CUUL 1110CulinarySafety & Sanitation


CUUL 1170Intro. to Culinary Nutrition


CUUL 1120Principles of Cooking


CUUL 1129Fund/Restaurant Operations


CUUL 1220Baking Principles


CUUL 1320Garde Manger


CUUL 1370CulinaryNutrition&Menu Develop


CUUL 2160Contemporary Cuisine


CUUL 2190Principles Of Culinary Leader.


CUUL 2130Culinary Practicum&Leadership


Total Credit Hours: 58


Program Outcomes

1. Graduates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the operation, maintenance and cleaning of the tools and machines used in a modern foodservice establishment.
2. Graduates should be able to demonstrate proper sanitation and safety techniques for all aspects of the food service establishment.
3. Graduates should be able to demonstrate knowledge and application of culinary techniques, methods, and terminology used in modern food preparation.
4. Graduates should be able to demonstrate an in depth knowledge of all the major food products used in a commercial food service establishment.
5. Graduates should be able to demonstrate an ability to maintain an organized file of recipes and preparation methods.
6. Graduates should be able to demonstrate the ability to accurately measure and formulate recipes that result in consistent desired results each and every time, both in quality and cost.
7. Graduates should be able to demonstrate the ability to organize a food preparation workstation.