2021-2022 College Catalog

RNSG 2300 Professional Practice VI: The Childbearing Family

This course is based on Orems Self-Care theory as applied to the nursing care of the childbearing family and newborn infant. Emphasis is placed on the theory and clinical practice experiences required to meet the educative-developmental and partial compensatory self-care needs of women, newborn infants, and families. Theory addresses normal and abnormal physiological and psychosocial processes and the influence of cultural practices related to pregnancy, fetal development, labor & birth, postpartum, newborn transition to extra-uterine environment and the family system and the care required to assure positive client outcomes. Students have opportunities to apply the nursing process with antepartum, intra-partum, postpartum, and newborn clients and their families in a variety of practice settings.




RNSG 1308; RNSG 1312;


RNSG 2302;
Syllabus for this course.