2021-2022 College Catalog

Business Analytics TCC

Business Analytics TCC (Major Code: BD71)

Program Description

With everything from social media posts to sensors such as FitBit, there has been an explosion of data. In this age of massive data in modern business, new technologies and skills are being developed and applied to harness this abundant data and turn it into insight. Business competition now hinges on analytics because having timely insight to make critical decisions is how businesses get an edge over their competition. This applies to small and large corporations alike. Business or Computer Analytics is a field which combines data, information technology, statistical analysis, quantitative methods and computer-based models into one. These all are combined to provide decision makers all the possible scenarios to make a well thought and researched decision. Business Analytics is defined as a set of applications, practices, skills, and technologies designed for investigating and analyzing business performance in order to achieve more strategic decision-making and structuring in the future. Preparing our students to assist is in this area will meet the demand for skilled workers to enter directly into positions that support this industry. Not all positions require an Associate's Degree. Many prospective business intelligence specialists can obtain entry level employment with a Technical Certificate of Credit in Business Analytics. These Certificate programs will typically take 16 or 32 weeks to complete. This is why many analytics software applications are going to be released with more mainstream functions that appeal to mass-market users, all requiring faster processing times and more intuitively designed databases for users of varying IT skill levels.


Career Information


Office and Administrative Support Workers

Career Projections

The number of jobs in this field is expected to increase by 5% nationally and 6% in the State of Georgia over the next several years. Estimated salaries in this field start at $30,000 a year.
Labor market data was compiled using Economic Modeling Specialists, international and is updated annually.

Career Coach

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Admission Requirements

General College Admissions Requirements

Program Contact Information

Erskine Hawkins, Jr.

Chair, Accounting and Business Administrative Technology



Program Length and Cost

Minimum Program Length in Semester Terms: 1 Term

Credit Hours: 19

Estimated Program Cost: $4,299

Course Outline


General Education Courses (3 Credits)

MATH 1127Introduction to Statistics


Occupational Courses (16 Credits)

CIST 1001Computer Concepts


CIST 1220Structured Query Language (SQL)


BUSN 1410Spreadsheet Concepts and Applications


BUSN 1420Database Applications


Total Credit Hours: 19


Program Outcomes

1. Graduates will be able to apply analytics tools to real-world business contexts for improved decision-making.
2. Graduates will be able to assess the strengths and limitations of analytics and predictive modeling techniques for different business applications and varying data conditions.
3. Graduates will be able to effectively communicate the actionable insights stemming from analytical work to multiple stakeholders.
4. Graduates will be able to strategically navigate technology tools and trends to solve big data and analytics problems.
5. Graduates will be able to manage data strategies and analytical projects.


Note: This Program is Not Currently Eligible for Federal Financial Aid